Twenty Ten Club founder, Octavia Goredema

If you’re a user of Twitter you will be familiar with the #ff (follow friday) trend. Well, I want to take this opportunity to shout much louder on my blog about a few people I follow, as I’ve got more to say on why I think others should follow them. So, first up is up is @OctaviaGoredema. Her Twitter biog reads: Entrepreneur. Blogger. Founder of the Twenty Ten Club. Busy Cooking up her next project. Whilst my twitter interaction with Octavia has been limited, we have spoken over email and telephone on a professional level and I really like her vibe. As mentioned in her profile, she is the founder of http://www.twentytenclub.com, a networking group which connects, inspires and supports black female entrepreneurs. I first was came across Octavia when she dropped me an email (as recommended by @MsQuiche, thank love), requesting to interview me for a section on her website named “Meets…” here she interviews women in business, providing a platform for individuals to promote them and their business.

I have to give praise and credit to Octavia and what she’s cooking up with her networking group. She has given many professional black business women an opportunity to connect with others and create new business opportunities, so WELL DONE Octavia, I’m sure all the ladies you’ve featured are as grateful as I am for the opportunity. I WILL complete my questions and submit them to you shortly, promise, fingers crossed (I was a girl guide in my teenage years so you can trust me!)