*The following post was written the week of 22 November 2010…

This week I gave myself a kick up the arse as there are various personal bits and bobs I’ve been meaning to start but haven’t for whatever reasons. One of these thoughts included blogging; when I would begin to blog again as I hadn’t done so for the longest time (over 1 year now), what would topics I would focus on etc. Today, I decided to get off my butt and do what I use to do on a weekly basis which is pencil time in for me to surf the net, catch up on my Google Reader subscriptions (as the prompt on the screen was reading at 189 unread posts!) and generally hang out online. Having spent an hour reading a handful of posts from my subscription list, I was smiling and wishing I too had kept up with my previous blogs (http://www.oprahwannabe.blogspot.com/ and http://www.fiercelist.blogspot.com/), especially as throughout the day I had been feeling blog envy from Muireann Carey-Campbell the founder of www.bangsandabun.com (a blog I follow), as she was happily celebrating her three year blog anniversary. Whilst I’m happy for the chick who is responsible for the word ‘douchebag’ entering my vocab at the age of 31, I was a tiny winy bit envious of her celebrations. If only I too kept up with my weekly blogging from when I first started in November 2008, I too would be celebrating a blog anniversary this month also. So here I am… ready with a renewed energy to get this baby going – after all I really do enjoy writing, it’s just the time which is messing with me, however no space for excuses so I’ll stop there.

So the initial plan was to re launch the blog in January (New Year, new goals and all that), but then I had a rethink and decided to take baby steps first and then if I’m ready in January to take it up a notch then I will. Let’s not start with giving myself too much pressure; I have enough on my plate… *Cue violins*

Anyhow, for the old followers of my blog I hope you come back… and to potential new subscribers feel free to join in, it’s all love on https://oprahwanabe.wordpress.com


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